Thursday, October 30, 2003

Sometimes I wonder how I find time to do anything. I seem to thrive on being as busy as I possibly can. A typical day lately seems to involve working late followed by some kind of social function. Hell, it's even become more difficult scheduling in some sex. Tonight I went straight from work to dinner with friends. About halfway through, as the meals were being put in front of us I'm already wondering how I could work getting laid into the evening. Nobody at the table was a possible, so what's a gal to do? So, I'm eating my meal, mentally trying to figure out who I could call after dinner that wouldn't mind a real slam-bam kind of fuck. I mean, I have to be up at 6am, so no long, slow foreplay tonight. Sadly, the best possibility was out of town. In today's techno age though, all is not lost. He answered his cell, agreed to head back to his hotel room as I was driving home.

Okay - it wasn't a perfect solution. I do have a real, adult-type date tomorrow, so I can probably hold out. *grin*

Anyway, that leads me to the idea of another story. As both men and women become busier, wouldn't it be wonderful to find someone that would be available when you just need some nice, no-strings sex? (Don't worry, I will almost certainly go back to Unconventional, but this is supposed to be a look into the way I write - can we say disorganized?

Working Title: Schedule Me In

In Brief: A busy working woman decides to go looking for some no-strings sex.


Cynthia - busy career woman - horny, but no time for a relationship
Ryan - answers her ad and gives her everything she's asked for - maybe too well
Sheila - a friend of Cynthia who perhaps offers another option
Steve - Cynthia's next door neighbour, a little nosey, but a good guy

Section #1 - A Decision

Single white female.... hell, that brought up vague memories of a movie of the same name. A movie I hadn’t seen in its entirety, although I’d seen enough to stay away from the connotations. I hit the backspace key and started again.

Busy female executive seeks partner, willing to be scheduled in. Higher than average sex drive, combined with lower than average free time...

Oh hell, maybe I should just say, “Horny as hell, wanna fuck?”

The cat, of course, had nothing to add to the conversation. It had been weeks, even months perhaps since I’d indulged in any kind of sex, with anyone. There had been dinner invitations from time to time. Frankly though, I’d decided that I just didn’t have time for that kind of thing. Sure, it would be nice to have someone to come home to. The thing is, romance and companionship take time to develop. With the huge influx of business at the company, time was something I lacked.

Usually once a month I force myself to go out to dinner with friends of mine. Its not that I don’t like seeing them, I do. We’ve been doing this for years now. Lately though I spend most of the time listening to stories about spouses, boyfriends, and even children. And not positive ones at that. Okay, maybe it is a letting off steam kind of thing. I’m just beginning to wonder exactly what I’m missing? At the moment, what I miss most is sex.

Not love-making, or even fucking. I’m talking about sex.

I want to feel a body next to mine. I want someone familiar with my body pushing all the right buttons. I just don’t want to have to play all the relationship games. I simply don’t have time. So, that’s when the idea of a personal ad came to mind. Surely there must be someone out there who wouldn’t mind a little regular sex now and then?

An hour later I had something together that I thought might do. I had already found an online personals site that seemed to have enough listings that were in my area. I’d set up a new screen name on AOL, so I was all ready to go. A few moments of last minute jitters and I made my mind up to just do it. Fifteen minutes later my ad was posted for the world to see. I must have checked the mail account at least a dozen times in the first hour. Did I really expect an answer that quickly? No, but you never know.

After a while I decided I was just being too desperate. I signed off and finished up my evening chores, going to bed at the usual time. That means early. The morning found me groggy and in a rush to get out the door. Work was busy, leaving me little time to think of what might await me at home. I was driving home the next night when I finally thought about it again. There was a little rush of excitement when I thought about what I might find when I got home.

When I logged on to the sound of ‘you’ve got mail’ I wasn’t really surprised. The moment the list came up though, I have to say I was shocked. It’s probably a good thing I didn’t get a total count. There were at least a couple of dozen messages. I started reading through a couple, with growing disappointment. Most were illiterate and crude. Some suggested things I didn’t even want to think about, much less do.

It didn’t take long to realise that there weren’t any possibilities among these responses. I was a little down about the whole thing. It hadn’t started out as I had expected. A few more nights of the same routine, and I was getting ready to pull the ad completely. On the fifth night there were a couple that weren’t too bad. About a week later I finally found one man that tempted me to reply, Ryan.

Was I insane? Probably. I definitely was ready to take the plunge.

(End section 1)

* * * * *

To sleep I go - G'night

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Okay - an experiment of sorts. First, I feel like I'm talking to myself. Oops, I am. I've left the blog private, and haven't posted anything about it on my website. I'm going to change that tonight after I post this - I'll be putting a link to this page on my website. Anyways, more about the experiment. From time to time I've tried setting goals (so many words a night), but it hasn't worked particularly well. I play with a few ideas, write a few hundred words, then trash the idea. So, why not try it again? *grin*

In this space, works in progress (scary stuff). These will definitely be snippets, probably no more than 500 words. If I can keep the theme going, they should be consecutive. If they get really disjointed, I'll add a link to a section of my site, where I'll store old parts. If I finish something, after my editor gets a shot at it, it will hit my site. Think of it as a look at how disorganized I am when I write something! Enough about the process, let's go to the story.

Working Title: Unconventional

In Brief: An exploration of a non-standard relationship. I'm wavering between a threesome or a foursome. This is more about how not everyone feels that their perfect SO is an individual.


John - think impish blond, tends to date many women, can't settle with one
Maggie - tough, take no prisoners type, bisexual in nature but not acts, confused on who is the perfect 'one'
Lise - shy brunette, with more experience with women than Maggie does
Doug - Maggie's current lover, seemingly straight-laced (undecided how he'll deal with what's to come)

Section #1 - The Meeting

Warm lips pressed against my neck as a familiar voice interupted my thoughts. “Hey there. Just the woman I was looking for.”

“John, I’m sure that whatever you’re up to, it’s no good.”

“Moi? What would ever give you that idea.”

I had to laugh at that. “You’ve always got an angle. I don’t think I’ve ever known you when you’re not plotting something or other.”

John feigned ignorance. “I’m actually hurt that you believe that about me. Can’t I say hello to a friend without being up to something?”

I smiled at him. “Okay. Hello then.”

He dropped to the sofa beside me, leaning in close. “Although now that you mention it, I’ve got someone I’d love you to meet.”

“See I knew it! What’s the angle?”

“Nothing too twisted,” he said with that smug grin of his that I hate. “I’ve been seeing this woman lately, and, well, she’s kind of into the same things that you are. Or so she seems to be thinking about it. We actually haven’t discussed it much, well, at all.”

Now John is rarely at a loss for words. This time it was actually fun to watch him dance all around the subject. I didn’t really need to ask him what he meant. I knew exactly what he was talking about. My pulse raced at the thought of it, but I wasn’t going to make it easy on him.

“I’m sorry John. You’ve lost me. I’m not quite sure what you mean.”

“Bitch. You want me to say it out loud?”

“Dare you.”

“She likes women. Fucking women actually. She’d like nothing more than to make you beg for release while her fingers are deep inside your cunt and my cock is inside her. There now, was that graphic enough for you?”

“Oh yes, my oh my, yes.”

I guess it was too late for a more subtle Susan Sarandon ‘oh my’ wasn’t it? John and I had been lovers off and on for years. When one of us was single, and horny, the other was a safe alternative. There was definite chemistry, but we had both had that we were looking for something more. John wanted a harem and I wanted a woman. Could it be that John had found a solution to both of our problems?

“Okay, you have my interest. Tell me about her.”

“Why don’t I just introduce you. She’s here at the party with me. Let me see if I can get her attention.” With that he turned around, scanning the room for his companion.

I was trying to figure out if there was anywhere I could escape to when I saw him smile and turn back towards me. Within minutes, the woman he wanted me to meet would be here. If he was correct, it was possible that my fantasies off all those years could become a reality. Was I brave enough to attempt it? I suppose I was about to find out. As an attractive brunette approached us, I actually think I was holding my breath.

(End section 1)

* * * * *

Okay, that's it for tonight. For those that need to be reminded - the above is Copyright 2003 by ME, no permission for use in any format given. That said, feedback is encouraged - publically if you wish. I'm not promising a continuation every night (I thought I'd aim for 2 or 3 nights a week). 'night all

Monday, October 27, 2003

So, the weather in Ontario sucks at the moment. I love going down to the lakeshore, especially on cold fall days. It's probably an insane attempt to pretend that winter isn't coming. It doesn't look promising at the end of the day, but I figure I still have time to walk a little. I ignore the few drops of water on the windshield, it's not really raining. Even once I park and get out, I figure I can stay under the trees.

I gave up when the hail / ice pellets / whatever the hell they were started.

I had friends over for dinner last night. Sunday is a great night for this when they're people you don't want to spend 6 or 7 hours with. Horrible thing to say, isn't it? After they left I did some channel surfing. This isn't truly unusual for me, although usually what I do is leave the TV on in the living room while I work at the compter. Last night though I actually sat on the couch and watched a few things. I've got to say that two things I watched just fit the mood I was in. First - Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Amazing really, I've seen references to it, know the concept, but had never actually seen it. I know a couple of men that could benefit from a makeover. What I found most interesting was the touching / hugging the straight guys didn't flinch at. For me, strangely enough I found this a turn on. Yeah, I know, I'm hopeless!

The other one was about half of the movie "What Women Want" with Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt. For those that haven't seen it, Mel's character becomes able to hear what women are secretly thinking. I turned to it just before the scene where he's in bed with a woman he's picked up (?) It was hilarious, and left me wondering if men really would want to know what women are thinking. Starts with too much tongue, then he's pawing at her and she's thinking 'hey, they're attached buddy', and all I can think is that I've been in that exact same spot. Of course, being that it's Mel, eventually he figures out how to use the power to be the perfect lover. Somehow I think the real guy (or gal) with this power would end up sleeping with probably nobody - they'd be so offended about what people think about during sex.

I mean, I really try to keep my focus.... really I do!

Sunday, October 26, 2003

Okay, I'm not sure where this is going, but I've started a blog. An exercise in ego mania I think, but what the hell. It's not like having a website full of erotica isn't the same thing.

So, what will I write here? Not sure. Maybe just a little about my life (or not). I might try using it for snippets of writing in process. Yes, you heard correctly. I plan to try dusting off the pen and doing a little work. No need to get excited, since I've tried this before and it hasn't gone very far. I'm just wondering if I do it publically, if I'll be more committed to doing it.

Wish me luck!

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